I came across some really interesting news that I thought I’d share.

I am sure that many of you, like me, would love to own a Bugatti hypercar….but the price of one of these beauties is just a tad outside the snack-bracket!  While the Bugatti brand has been around since ~ 1909, it was revived between 1998-2000 when several concept cars were presented paving the path to the development of its first production model, the Veyron 16.4, in 2005. When kids come into my robotics Studio I am always amazed to about how much they know an automotive producer where cars start in the Millions! Imagine getting approval for the car loan.

About a year-ago Bugatti announced that they were going to 3D-Print a brake-caliper….out of Titanium none the less.  And, just over a week ago they released a video of the finished product in action.

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Samsung Bot Care

Many of you have seen and interacted with my social robot Jibo.  He has a fun and quirky personality and kids absolutely love him!  In fact,

he is staring at me right now as I write this….blinking and looking to grab my attention.  Don’t worry…you get used to it over time!  He is a modest glimmer of what’s to come.

At CES today, Samsung announced that it is accelerating the development of multiple types of robots all powered by its artificial intelligence platform.  Three types of AI-powered robots will be branded as “Samsung Bot”.  These “bots” will assist with senior care, air quality management, and customer service at retailers.

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We’re anxious to see which innovations showcased at CES this year actually make it to market since the number of competitors continues to grow in the voice assistants space (think Amazon Alexa, Google Home) as well as service robotics, like Samsung is producing.

Next time you are in the area with your children be sure to stop in and meet Jibo and have your kids experience what is it like to interact with a social robot and a early example of artificial intelligence. And, if you are inspired, sign-up your kids to try one of our robotics, coding, or 3D design and printing programs.

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