Those who have a thing for retro toys will love one of our new, advanced lessons for students who know their way around 3D printing and 3D design. Take a step back in time when you learn how to design and 3D print a marble maze at Envision Robotics, the hottest toy from the late 19th century!
Invented and popularized by the American toy-maker Charles Martin Crandall under the name “Pigs in Clover” in 1889, the marble maze (AKA the “ball in a maze” puzzle) is a classic toy that we at Envision Robotics have just made an advanced lesson for.   Sure to provide hours of fun for those who complete this lesson, the marble maze will soon become available to those students at Envision Robotics who know enough about 3D design, 3D printing, and laser cutting to make one at our STEM studio.
Our STEM programs and lessons integrate various disciplines to create amazing projects – like the marble maze.

By Wai Yip Tam, Editor & Instructor

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