Python Coding Class

Is your son or daughter enrolled in high-school and is interested in leaning Python?

Our Python coding program is ideal for high-school students that have an interest in learning to code with Python, a text-based coding language.

Our Intro to Python (first level) class introduces students to the fundaments of coding with Python including scripts, errors, comments, data types & integers, assigning variables (strings, integers), manipulating variables, converting and swapping data types, data types, if/else, and much more. Students will also create several fun projects as they bring their skills together.

Students continuing on in the Python program will continue to develop additional Python coding experience and knowledge through advanced lessons and projects.

The concepts and projects are aligned to high-school students and their learning needs.


  • New Session will begin Thursdays [Registration closed – call/email for info]
  • Enrollment limited to 6 students that are 14 – 15 yrs
  • Program runs 8 consecutive weeks, 60 min classes with 1 make-up class allowed
  • No previous experience required