Virtual Classes

Looking to keep your kids busy, focused, and learning over the next few weeks? We are taking a number of our in-studio programs and making them available virtually so students and participate from the comfort and safety of their own home.  Each class is 90 minutes.

Open to Kids

Virtual Classes are conducted with a live instructor using video-conferencing and screen-sharing technology with small class sizes.  Students will be emailed worksheets which can be printed and used in the class.


Variety of programs that change weekly including:

  • STEM Camp (7 – 10 yrs) – an excellent way to introduce kids to a variety of STEM applications, build new skills, and keep them engaged!  The programs change each week and we’ve covered everything from:  Animation, 3D Design, Video Game Design, Lego Digital Design, Stop-Motion Video, and Scratch Coding and more!
  • STEM Camp (11 – 14 yrs) – power up your child’s digital skills with this camp!  Program includes 3D Design, Lego Digital Design, Video Game Design, and Microcontrollers. Each day is a new lesson and program.
  • Mobile App Design (11+ yrs) – it seems there is an app for everything these days so why not equip you child with the ability to design their own app on Android and Apple iOS.  Requires a laptop/PC and a separate phone/tablet.
  • Website Design (11+ yrs) – If you kids are spending time on the internet surfing for interesting content why not help them build their first website?!  It is a fun and educational way of helping them understand the importance of structured thinking, organizing content, visual design, and having fun online!
  • Video Game Design – Two programs are offered: Beginner Program (age 7 – 10) and Intermediate (age 11+). Both programs follow a detailed lesson plan where students learn about video games, create their own sprites and graphics, and construct their video game.
  • 3D Design (7+ yrs) – Student learn the fundamentals of 3D design using an easy to use 3D modelling platform. Students work through a project each class.
  • Lego Digital Design (8+ yrs) – is your child interested in building with Lego? Expand their skills by introducing them to the world of designing Lego creations digitally.
  • Python (12+yrs) – an introductory course that covers the fundamentals of coding and programming in Python. Students work through a series of exercises each day that leads up to the development of a stand-alone program.
  • Spirit of Animation (11+ yrs) – we are excited to announce our newest program to help kids learn how to create animated pictures and videos.  Kids will be guided through a 5-day class and learn how to create .gifs, animated characters, and an animated video. No prior experience with drawing or animation is required.


The program is conducted via video conference so the PC (laptop or desktop) should be equipped with a forward-facing camera and a mic.  You child may also prefer a mouse.  Check the PC requirements below.


We’ve designed our programs to be interactive, fun, and engaging.   Parents/students will be emailed a link to log-into the class at their scheduled time. A parent should be available to assist, at least for the initial class. For best results, we highly recommend a laptop (or desktop) equipped with a camera for video-conferencing. The instructor will share their screen via video-conferencing and students will have the opportunity to complete their work on their PC.

Our teaching curriculum, class structure, and materials and similar to what is used in the studio. Our instructors present the content at the start of each session and lead students through a series of exercises. Students have sufficient time to complete their project tasks and help is provided as needed. Depending on the program, students may be supplied Class Codes to log-in to platforms used.  Students will have full access to the platforms used for the week while others have unlimited access and never expire.

A few days before the session is to begin, parents/students will be emailed instructions to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

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