Microcontrollers are at the heart of the IoT and smart devices.

What are Microcontrollers? Why are they important?

Microcontrollers are a small computer on a single integrated chip.  With the continued ramp-up of the IoT (Internet of Things) and extension of internet connectivity to everything from home appliances to automobiles, microcontrollers are at the heat of these systems.  As the pace of digitization accelerates, gaining hands-on experience with microcontrollers will give an edge to kids that pick up on this knowledge.

Platforms like Adafruit Circuit Playground Express and BBC Micro:Bit have created new avenues for students to learn about electronics and coding through a hands-on approach that is both fun and highly engaging.  We use these platforms in our programs.

What skills to students learn?

We take a project-based approach to teach about microcontrollers. Each class, students will complete a new project and while learning about microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, electronics, coding, and more.

What age group?

This course is recommended for students 12+ years old.

What is the cost?  What do the students need to bring?

The cost is $330 + HST and consists of 8 classes, 60 minutes each.  Envision provides all the project materials, technology and instruction needed.