March Break (11 – 15th):  Registration is FULL

Three themes for 2024!

Our Exploration Mars is a robotics camp for kids kids 5 – 8 years is packed full of learning, experimentation, creativity, problem solving, and of course….FUN.

A high-level overview of the weekly activity schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Lego Robotics:  Build and code a Mars Exploration vehicle for use on our Mars challenge mats.
  • Tuesday – 3D Design/3D Printing:  kids will digitally sculpt an alien which they will 3D print. Students will also have the opportunity to 3D design and 3D print other space-themed objects.
  • Wednesday – Lego Robotics:  Test the soil composition of Mars using our Mars Detector robot!
  • Thursday – Martian Puppets:  Students will get hands on with a variety of digital design and laser cutting programs to create a Martian Puppet, which they keep!
  • Friday – Lego Robotics:  On the final day, students will have a choice of building and coding from 5 additional Mars-themed robot designs including Transport Vehicle, Command Center Vehicle, Surveyor, Satellite Transporter, and more!

This camp features technologies including:  robotics, graphic design, 3D design/3D printing, laser cutting, digital sculpting, and more. 

IMPORTANT:  We only have 10 spots for the 5-8 yrs group this March.


We have two options for our 9+ campers.   Our camps for 9+ campers are project based and help foster problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

Medieval Times is a Maker Camp where students will use a variety of tools and platforms to create a large working catapult, which they keep!   This is a true creators camp where students use rulers/pencils to create their catapult design from a working copy and then replicate in a digital 3D design program.  Students also get to brand/personalize their catapults.  Once the measurement and design is complete students get to work with the RF Laser Cutter cutting out and assembling their design.  Towards the end of the week students will engage in some friendly competition to see whose catapult can fling a ball the furthest and more accurate!

Students keep their projects.

A high-level overview of the weekly activity schedule is as follows:

  • Monday:  Planning and pencil/paper design of their catapult.
  • Tuesday:  3D design of the catapult with a digital design program.
  • Wednesday:  3D design continued, initial laser cutting if the main body parts
  • Thursday: Laser cutting of the catapult and remaining parts, assembly
  • Friday: final assembly, adjustments, and fun competition to assess distance and accuracy!

This camp features technologies including:  planning and measurement, 3D design/3D printing, laser cutting and engraving.


Our second March Camp option for kids 9 – 13 yrs is the very popular YouTube Creator camp!  This is an exciting camp for kids that wany to start their journey as a YouTuber!  Unlike other YouTube camps where students contribute to a “house account” – in our camp – students actually create their own YouTube Channel, which can be public or private, depending on parental preference.

Here are just some of what the students will learn and accomplish in the camp….

  • Learn about YouTube (what it is, how it’s used, how creators make money, etc.) and safe social media practices
  • How to create and personalize their channel including descriptions, tags, channel art, thumbnails, and more
  • Use our dedicated Studio, equipped with condenser mics, lights, and more to record and edit videos using a variety of software tools
  • Create a “Logo” that will be 3D printed and engraved on wood using the RF laser
  • Baseball Cap – students will also use the RF laser to engrave their logo into a leatherette patch which will be affixed to a baseball cap, which is provided.
  • Understand how to use YouTube Studio to analyze channel and video performance and how optimize for increased engagement

A high-level overview of the weekly activity schedule is as follows:

  • Monday:  Learn about YouTube, safe social media practices, create channel, and plan and record first video
  • Tuesday:  Edit and upload first video, record second video and use advanced video editing software
  • Wednesday: Create channel art/banner, thumbnails, and logo
  • Thursday: 3D print and laser engrave logo, learn about YouTube Studio
  • Friday: Personalize Baseball Cap (provided) with logo, record and edit third video

This camp features technologies including:  Video recording and editing,  digital design, 3D design/3D printing, branding, laser engraving and more!

Space is limited for each camp.  Our camps are very popular and se sell out each March and Summer.  Due to demand we increased the number of spaces for our 5-8 yrs camp this March to 15 students!    We are now Full.   Camps run from 9 am – 4 pm.  Optional Before and After-Care is available.   All materials and technologies are provided for both camps.  A baseball cap is provided as part of the camp fee for the YouTube Creator camp.


  • YouTube Creator – FULL
  • Medieval Times – FULL

Child First Name and Age – you can put this in the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/NOTES” section before Review/Payment.