Our BattleBot Camp for kids 5 – 8 years is packed full of learning, experimentation, creativity, problem solving, and of course….FUN.

A high-level overview of the weekly activity schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Lego Robotics:  Build “Sumo” and engage in friendly competition
  • Tuesday – Video Game Design:  Create a “battle-style” video game with Bloxels
  • Wednesday – Lego Robotics:  Build “Rampage” their second Lego robot and engage in friendly competition
  • Thursday – Logo Design, Shirt-Making, and 3D Printing:  Students will create their own “battle-logo” using graphic design software.  They will then learn to use the digital cutter to cut and press their logo to create a personalized BattleBot t-shirt.  NOTE:  t-shirts are supplied.  Also, students will 3D print a medal using their logo.
  • Friday – Lego Robotics:  On the final day of BattleBot camp students can wear their personalized t-shirts as they build their third robot “Boxer” and engage in friendly competition.

This camp features technologies including:  robotics, graphic design, 3D design/3D printing, video game design, digital cutters, and t-shirt making.

Lastly, we also spend time on Monday discussing and creating a list of BattleBot values to make sure everyone has fun during the camp!

Our YouTube Creator for kids 9 – 13 years is designed for students that are interested in creating, building and enhancing their own YouTube channel.  A high-level overview of the weekly activity schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Channel Set-Up/First Video:  On day 1 students will learn about YouTube and how it works, develop goals, conduct research, and plan out their channel.  We’ll cover safe internet/social media practices, and students will create a welcome video.
  • Tuesday – Video Editing & YouTube Studio:  Students will edit and upload their video, learn about video editing best practices, copyright, age ratings, etc. and set-up YouTube Studio. Students will also record and begin editing their second video.
  • Wednesday – Channel Art & Thumbnails:  Students will create Channel Art and Video Thumbnails for their videos, use video compression software, and record their third video.  YouTube channel statics will also be covered.
  • Thursday – Logo Design / Merch:  Every YouTuber needs a logo and some merch to go along with it!  Students will create a personalized logo and then use the digital cutter to cut and press their logo to create a personalized t-shirt.  Students will also learn about different types of microphones and record their 4th video.
  • Friday – Laser Engraving, 3D Design/3D Printing, and Screencasting:  Students will learn to use screencasting software as well as use a CO2 Laser to etch their logo into wood. Students will also 3D design and 3D print a stand for their laser-engraved wood sign.

This camp features technologies including:  YouTube Channel, graphic design, video editing,  digital cutters, t-shirt making, 3D Design, 3D Printing, C02 laser, and more!

IMPORTANT:  To get the most out of the experience, we highly recommend creating a YouTube Account for your child so that they can upload videos. These videos can remain private. Registered parents will receive communication on how to create a YouTube account prior to the start of camp.  If your child already has a YouTube account they can use this one for the camp.  Students should also have a USB Drive to save their files and designs.  If you don’t have a USB Drive they can bring you may purchase one below.  More communication about this will also be sent to registered parents.

An optional pizza lunch will be available and communication will be provided to registered campers.  Optional Before and After-Care is available.  The YouTube Creator camp (9-13 yrs) requires a USB and if you don’t have one you may purchase one below.   The Camp Fees include 1 -T-shirt for each child that they personalize.

CAMP STATUS (Fee is $395+HST)

  • FULL – for the BattleBots (5-8 yrs). Call/email for waitlist. 
  • FULL – for YouTube Creator (9 – 13 yrs). Call/email for waitlist.