Applied Robotics II: 9 – 13 yrs old


July & August Classes

  • Wednesdays:  4:30 – 5:30 pm, July 10, 17, 24, 31 (4 classes)
  • Wednesdays:  4:30 – 5:30 pm, August 7, 14, 21, 28 (4 classes)

Classes will be held on the dates listed above.  Join one session or both.  Classes are prorated from our usual 8.  Space is limited so reserve your spot now.

Space is limited so reserve your spot now.

    • 170 $


What is our Applied Robotics II all program about?

Every job will be changed in the future by robotics and automation.  As a result, developing skills in these areas will be a life skill.  Building a strong foundation earlier will improve your child’s chances of success.

At Envision Robotics, we’ve created a challenging yet fun, hands-on robotics program that helps build STEM, robotics, coding, and 21st Century skills.  Students explore more complex STEM, robotics, and coding concepts in a curriculum that is an enrichment to what is covered in the Ontario elementary school program.

Students being their robotics journey with us using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 platform, which is an advanced robotics platform used in robotics competitions around the world.  The Lego Mindstorms EV3 and Spike Prime platform lends itself well to engineering concepts and involved coding lessons that include coding robots to work autonomously using a variety of sensors that include Ultrasonic, Colour, Touch, and more.

We have 10 Levels each consisting of 8 consecutive Classes.  Each Class students build and code a different robot in service of that classes STEM theme.  In our Applied Robotics II program there is 1 class each Level where students fabricate a part using 3D design and 3D printing.  Each Level runs 2 months.  Most students start at Level 100.  However, if a students has prior robotics experience or are 10 yrs old and they may be eligible to start at a higher level.

What does the term “applied robotics” mean?

Our belief is kids learn more when there is purpose to what they are doing.  As a result, our curriculum focuses on engineering and mechanical concepts where students build and code their robot to solve a problem and/or a set of challenges.  It is through this application that students build STEM skills, coding skills and development of 21st Century skills such as problem solving, visualization, collaboration, structured thinking and more.

What is the structure of a typical class?

Each student is assigned their own workstation and equipment (i.e., laptop, robot kit, etc.).  Students work at their own pace building & coding their robot, completing challenges, with hands-on assistance from Instructors and staff.   The typical structure of a 90 class is:

  • STEM and coding concepts review (15 min)
  • Build robot (45 min)
  • Program robot (20 min)
  • Complete challenges (10 min)

Students build and code a different robot each class.  Example STEM lessons include:  measuring the speed of a race car robot,  measuring the lifting force of a robot using scales and weight measurement, exploring the concepts of yaw and pitch with a turbine robot, calculating the optimum angle of departure of a ball launcher robot and examining what factors impact distance travelled, and many more. Some 3D design and 3D printing is includes to give students a chance to fabricate parts for their robot.

The program also puts heavy emphasis on understanding the foundational capabilities of motors, sensors, and the robot “brain” brick.  Discipline, Rigor, and Focus on Fundamentals is one of our mantras!

In our experience with programs in the GTA for kids 8+, most of the programs provide a ready-build robot and the focus is programming.  The kids use the same robot for 8 classes.   Our program is balanced where we combine:  robotics & coding, 3D design/3D printing, STEM, and 21st Century skills into each class.  It’s ambitious but we feel it is the better approach to teaching robotics.

What skills to students learn?

We are an enrichment to concepts taught in elementary schools by focusing on hands-on application.  Students enrolled in our program build STEM skills, robotics, coding, and 21st. Century skills.

What age group?

This program is open to students age 9 – 13 yrs.  If your child is almost 9 yrs old they may be eligible to join this program, just ask.

What is the cost?  What do the students need to bring?

Each Level is 8 consecutive weekly classes that are 90 minutes each. Includes 1 make-up due to illness or other absence. See conditions HERE.

The cost for each Level is $340 + HST.  Sibling discount of 10%.  Use sibling discount code:  sibling34 in the checkout.

Envision supplies the robot platform, tablets, laptops, all other equipment and technology. Students do not need to bring anything!


Enrollment is rolling allowing students to start anytime as long as we have space at the Studio.  Space shown below is the available space at the Studio that is shared across our programs.  This space is open to both new students and those moving up in a level.  To register, select your preferred time-slot from the drop-down below.  We’ll schedule you to start the next upcoming week.  Contact us if have a desire to start on a particular date.

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