Will drones be the future for small package delivery?  Companies like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, Dominos’s Pizza think so and are investing heavily to test and commercialize this new technology.

What is EnvisionAir?

EnvisionAir is unlike any program available in the market today.  We go well beyond the traditional “Learn to Fly a Drone” program by inspiring kids to program their drones to deliver a payload and payload system designed and created by them using 3D printer technologies.

Launching this fall 2019 is the first of a three part series.

  • Part I: Introduction to Drones (Enrollment OPEN)
  • Part II: Drone Programming & Control
  • Part III: Payload Design & Delivery

Part II and III will be offered later in the 2019.

What skills to students learn?

Over the series students will investigate the challenges involved in drone delivery, construct and test a payload system, and program their drone to successfully deliver their package.

Students will gain valuable experience including many of the technical and legal challenges faced with drone delivery, how to program and control their drones, 3D design and 3D printing to build payload system.

This is an applied series that combines STEM, drones and 3D design/printing around a real-life problem that many around the world are trying to solve.

Do students keep their 3D designed payload?

Yes!  In Part III students construct their payload system and payload using a 3D printer and can keep this in the end.

What age group?

This program is open to students age 11 – 15 yrs.

What is the cost?  How many students?  What do the students need to bring?

Each class is instructor-led and enrollment is limited to 3 students per class.  Part I consists of 8 classes that are 60 minutes each and the cost is $360 + HST.  Envision supplies all the equipment (i.e., drones, tablets, 3D printer, and other technologies.   Students do not need to bring anything!