Our 2019 Summer BattleBot Camp has been real hit with the kids and we’ve decided to offer a weekly program using the VEX IQ competition level platform

What is Battle Bots?

Our Battle Bot program is a great way to introduce your child to competitive robotics. Students will design their Battle Bot using our VEX IQ competition platform and then construct “battle components”using 3D design and 3D printing technologies. A final tournament will be held with students enrolled in the program and parents are welcome to attend to cheer everyone to success!

Do students keep their robot?

Students are assigned one of our VEX IQ robots to use week-to-week which is stored outside of class times. However, at the end of the program, these robots are assigned to other students.

Do students keep their 3D Printed battle components?

Yes! Students can keep the battle components they create!

What skills do students learn?

This program combines STEM, robotics, coding, 3D design, and 3D printing. Since this is a fun and competitive program, we also have a set of Battle Bot Values that students are expected to exhibit.

What age group?

This program is open to students age 12–15 yrs.

How does the Battle Bot Club work? What is the cost? How many students?

The Battle Bot Club is limited to a total of 8 students. The program itself is 10 weeks with a new lesson covered each week, such as robot building, 3D design of Battle Bot components, etc. Students join a primary class time and they attend that time on the first and second class. Starting the third week, students are able to come up to 2x per week to work on their Battle bots(up to 3hrs per week) during the designated class times.The cost is $500 + HST for the 10 weeks for up to 3hrs per week. This program is eligible for 2 payments of $250 + HST.