Applied STEM Program


  • Monday:  4:30 – 6:00 pm [2 spots starting May 29, 5 weeks]
  • Tuesday:  4:30 – 6:00 pm [3 spots starting May 30, 5 weeks]
  • Tuesday:  6:00 – 7:30 pm [2 spots starting May 30, 5 weeks]
  • Wednesday:  4:30 – 6:00 pm [3 spots starting May 31, 5 weeks]
  • Wednesday:  6:00 – 7:30 pm [3 spots starting May 31, 5 weeks]
  • Thursday:  4:30 – 6:00 pm [3 spots starting June 1, 5 weeks]
  • Thursday:  6:00 – 7:30 pm [3 spots starting  June 1, 5 weeks]
  • Saturday:  9:00 – 10:30 am [3 spots starting June 3, 4 weeks]
  • Saturday:  11:00 am – 12:30 pm [3 spots starting June 3, 4 weeks]
  • Saturday:  1:00 – 2:30 pm [3 spots starting June 3, 4 weeks]
  • Saturday:  3:00 – 4:30 pm [2 spots starting June 3, 4 weeks]

All spots are first come first serve and are open to new and existing customers. Select your timeslot using the drop-down below.

Registration is also available in-person at the Front Desk during times we are open for classes.

    • 212.5 $


What is our Applied STEM Program?

Our Applied STEM program is designed for students that want a lot of variety.  Students rotate to a different STEM discipline every 1-2 classes.   The Lessons and Projects are adjusted for the age of the registered student.

For example, students entering our Level I Program, the schedule looks like this:

  • Class 1: Scratch Coding / Makecode Coding
  • Class 2: Scratch Coding / Makecode Coding
  • Class 3: 3D Design with Tinkercad (project-based work)
  • Class 4: 3D Printing (3D print their project)
  • Class 5: Video Game Design – Bloxels
  • Class 6: Video Game Design – Bloxels
  • Class 7: Robotics (WeDo 2.0 / Mindstorms EV3)
  • Class 8: Robotics (WeDo 2.0 / Mindstorms EV3)

What is a Level?

A Level is a series of 8 weekly classes (consecutive) of 90 minutes each.  We currently have 10 Levels of curriculum for this program which usually takes 1-2 years to complete.

What STEM Activities are included in Levels II – VI?

Give us a call or arrange a time to visit the Studio. We can’t put all out trade secrets on the Internet! 😉

Do kids do the same activities regardless of age?

While all enrolled students will work through the Levels – students that are older or happen to have a higher-level of proficiency for their age, will be assigned tasks and projects that are suitable for them. We have hundreds of lessons to keep kids engaged, learning, and having fun.

My kids have been to your robotics and camp programs before will they be doing the same activities?

No. We have hundreds of different lessons. So, if your child has taken Scratch Coding or Robotics with us when they come we just pick a lesson they haven’t done.

My child is enrolled in robotics, can they switch?

Yes, you may switch after they’ve completed their existing paid-up robotics classes.  One of the benefits of multiple programs is that students can switch to different streams if their interests change or want to try something new and different.

How does enrollment work?

Students can enroll at any time, which is similar to how all our weekly in-person programs work.  Select a 90 minute timeslot and register online below or call (647-502-6319), email ( for help.  All students start off at Level I.

What is the Class structure? How do make-up classes work?

When students arrive their work station is already set-up including that day’s class lesson, technology, materials, and worksheet.  Students work independently, assisted and coached by our trained staff.  This has been our model for over 4 years now and has worked wonderful for all.   If a student has to miss a class, they just pick up on their next assigned lesson. This eliminates scheduling any make-up classes.

What is the cost?  What do the students need to bring?

Each Level is 8 consecutive weekly classes that are 90 minutes each. Includes 1 make-up due to illness or other absence. See conditions HERE.

The cost for each Level is $340 + HST.  Sibling discount of 10%.  Use sibling discount code:  sibling34 in the checkout.

Envision supplies the robot platform, tablets, laptops, all other equipment and technology. Students do not need to bring anything!


Enrollment is rolling allowing students to start anytime as long as we have space at the Studio.  Space shown below is the available space at the Studio that is shared across our programs.  This space is open to both new students and those moving up in a level.  To register, select your preferred time-slot from the drop-down below.  We’ll schedule you to start the next upcoming week.  Contact us if have a desire to start on a particular date.

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