UPDATED:  January 1, 2023

We’ve updated our Make-up/Missed Class policy to reflect the current business operating environment.

  • Make-up classes apply to our weekday/Saturday program with 1 make-up class permitted for each Level (each Level is 8 consecutive weekly classes)
  • A make-ups must be completed within the 8 consecutive weeks based on your start date as we don’t extend end-dates
  • With advance notice (at least 48 hours) we will continue to provide parents some flexibility in finding an alternative time for a make-up class
  • However, requests to skip a week with less than 48 hrs notice, last minute cancelations, no-shows, etc., will be charged the full rate of their class
  • Same-day notice is permitted for illness and must be provided prior to the start of class
  • Parents are responsible for scheduling a make-up by contacting us by phone (647-502-6319) or email at john@envisionrobotics.com
  • Make-ups can generally be scheduled anytime we are open for weekday/Saturday classes

What happens if students miss a class with notice (or notice due to illness)

  • With our after-school/weekend Applied Robotics and STEM programs students work independently on their own lessons
  • In the event they miss a class they just pick up where they left off when they return
  • There is no designated make-up times as students as students work at their own pace on their lessons
  • We ask parents that are intending to be away for more than 2 weeks to give us a call to discuss

Thank you for understanding

  • Since we opened in 2018 we’ve tried to provide as much flexibility and be as fair as we can in all situations
  • Since March 2020 the operating environment has been a significant challenge and we ask parents to consider the challenges that small businesses like ours face

IMPORTANT:  we do not offer refunds for camps or programs so please be absolutely sure you can attend the date (s) you booked – otherwise we recommend not booking.

Emergency Situations

  • In the event your child is severely injured (e.g., broken limb) or a family emergency (e.g., funeral) prior to starting a camp or program a credit may be issued and/or the start date shifted
    • A credit may be issued for the value of the unused portion
    • Any credit issued under the above circumstances will expire after 12 months

Schedule Conflicts

  • We expect parents to attend the camps and programs that they book – otherwise we recommend not booking until you can attend
  • Regular Programs – in the event a schedule conflict arises we may consider a temporary pause
    • We ask for 2 weeks advance notice and the program must be restarted within 2 months
  • Camps – in the event you have a conflict with your camp we offer the following:
      • If a camp date is available for an earlier week we may be able to shift your child to that week
      • We can’t shift camps to weeks later in the summer season
      • We allow parents to find other families to take their camp spots (but the economics of that will need to be worked out between the families)
  • We work very hard to ensure a fair and equitable solution for all
  • If you have any questions, please call to discuss

Referral and Review Credits

  • 10% Referral Credit – we offer a very generous referral credit for customers that are new to us
  • The Referral Credit is calculated based on your referrals first program with us and applies to the fee portion paid (program fee, camp fee) and excludes taxes, extended hours, etc.
  • Referral credits are good for 12 months from the time your referred parent books with us
  • Referral credits can be combined with other types of credits such as sibling credits, review credits, etc.
  • Multiple referral credits can be combined in the same transaction too
  • We love to recognize parents for referring new customers to us and appreciate any help in helping us link the referral to you by dropping us an email if you think your friend joined and you have not heard from us with the referral credit amount!

Review Credits

  • We award a $10 Review Credit to parents that take time time out of their busy schedule to leave a review on Google or Facebook
  • Review Credits work the same way as Referral Credits including 12 months expiry and using multiple credits in a transaction
  • Any personal information collected will only be used by Envision Robotics staff to contact families in regards to program related matters (i.e., follow up on inquiries, class scheduling, etc.)
  • Personal information is not shared with 3rd parties for solicitation.
  • Credit card information is processed by a secure 3rd party and is not retained nor accessible by Envision Robotics staff.
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