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We set the benchmark for how robotics and STEM Studios should be run.  Here is how we are different:

  • All our lessons across all our programs are painstakingly developed in-house
  • Ultimate flexibility with rolling enrollment, 4 core programs available anytime we are open, easy make-up scheduling, and single drop off for parents with kids of different ages
  • We adjust our curriculum sequence and challenge level to meet the learning needs of your child
  • Students build problem solving, critical thinking, and visual skills in addition to core functional skills
  • In our robotics programs students build and code a different robot each class with our senior students also learning to fabricate with 3D design/3D printing
  • Our Applied STEM program exposes students to over 40 different technologies and platforms as they advance through our extensive curriculum
  • Largest and best selection of technology and platforms in the GTA (e.g., over 17 3D printers, high-end RF laser, recording studio, DJI drones and RoboMasters, digital cutters and more!)
  • Summer Camps programs are the most unique and advanced in the GTA
  • We recognize parents for referrals with a 10% referral program

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Why Kids Should Learn to Code with Scratch, MakeCode, Python, and Build and Code LEGO Robotics

In today’s digital age, introducing children to coding and robotics at an early age is essential. Utilizing platforms like Scratch, MakeCode, Python, and LEGO Robotics offers a comprehensive approach to fostering essential skills that will serve them well in the future.

Scratch, developed by MIT, is an ideal starting point for young coders. Its block-based, visual programming interface allows children to create animations, games, and interactive stories easily. Scratch introduces fundamental concepts like sequences, loops, and conditionals in a fun and engaging way, helping kids develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

MakeCode by Microsoft is a versatile platform that bridges the gap between visual and text-based coding. It supports block-based coding and JavaScript, making it an excellent transition tool. MakeCode’s compatibility with microcontrollers like the BBC microbit allows kids to see their code come to life in physical projects. This hands-on experience is invaluable for understanding the real-world applications of coding.

Python is a powerful, widely-used text-based programming language known for its readability and simplicity. Learning Python provides children with a strong foundation in coding, applicable across numerous fields such as web development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. Python’s straightforward syntax helps ease the transition from block-based coding to more complex programming tasks, making it a critical skill for budding programmers.

LEGO Robotics combines the creativity of building with the logic of coding. Platforms like LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO SPIKE Prime enable children to construct robots and then program them using visual or text-based coding languages. This integration of building and coding teaches kids about engineering principles, mechanics, and computational thinking. It also encourages teamwork and collaboration, as many LEGO Robotics projects are best tackled in groups.

By learning to code with Scratch, MakeCode, and Python, and by building and coding LEGO Robotics, children gain a well-rounded skill set. These activities promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving, and prepare kids for future careers in technology and engineering. Moreover, these skills are transferable, equipping them with the tools to succeed in any field in our increasingly digital world.

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