Are you looking for a seriously unforgettable experience for your child this March Break?

Look no further you have found the fastest growing STEM program provider in the Thornhill and Markham areas.  We have two fun filled enrichment camps this March to choose from.

But first, here are 13 reasons why to enroll your child in our 2019 March Break camp and provide them with an experience to remember!

We Focus On Safety, Fun & Learning

March Break Robotics Camp - Envision Robotics Markham Ontario

For camps, our mantra is Safety, Fun, and Learning. As a parent of 3 kids (9, 7, & 7) safely is number one for me and this extends to your children as well.  We have implemented a variety of safety measures to give you peace of mind.  Just ask.

To dial up the Fun, we incorporate a variety of games, exercises, and even dancing into our daily schedule. We stream Fortnite dancing (not the game) in the lobby and the kids all practice the Floss, Disco Fever, Orange Justice, and many more.  Even boys take to the floor and bust a move!

If kids feel safe and are having fun they will learn more. Our camp programs follow our learning framework, shown below.

Learn STEM Concepts

Our camp programs incorporate STEM concepts, with robotics and coding to help children build 21st Century Skills, such as problem solving, imagination, visual skills, communication, and many more.

STEM Learning Concepts for Kids

Star Wars Inspired Program

Star Wars inspired program for kids 5 – 8 years. This March students will build a variety of Star Wars and space themed robots including the infamous X-Wing Fighter, AT-ST, AT-AT, lunar transport vehicle, and many more.  Students will build their robots using Lego WeDo 2.0 which is a robot platform that includes a mini-computer (aka controller), motor, and sensors.  Once build, kids will program their robots to perform a variety of commands such as move, make sounds, and react when various sensors are triggered.


You might remember that the X-Wing is a Rebel Alliance fighter vehicle that combines speed with firepower and is highly maneuverable when it comes to dogfights with the Empire!  Luke Skywalker is famous for destroying the Empire’s Death Star behind the controls of his X-Wing!

To find out more about our “Journey Into Space” camp click HERE

Shown above is an example of the X-Wing fighter.

If you can dream it…you can make it!

This March, students 9 – 12 years will join one o the more exciting and fastest growing trends in technology today – 3D Design and Printing.

With a technology that allows us to design, model, and print prototypes through to finished products in rapid fashion, 3D printing is transforming consumer and industrial design.  We are excited to offer students the ability to design and create a variety of projects during the week and 3D print them to take home.

Students will start their week by learning about 3D printing, sourcing and preparing existing 3D models for printing.  Once we’ve established a foundation of knowledge, students will design their own projects using Tinkercad, which is a widely used CAD software for learning 3D Design.  Students will subsequently 3D Print their creations using our 3D Printer.  We have a variety of exciting design projects planned for this March.  By the end of the week, students will be able to create a multitude of 3D Designed objects and better understand the ins/outs of 3D Printing.

Kids that attend our 3D Printing Clinics are amazed at what they can accomplish with 3D Printing!

If this is the type of challenge your child is up for this March, you can find out more information HERE.

3D Printing For Kids Thornhill Toronto Area

Meet Jibo Our Social Robot

Jibo leading a Yoga Session.

Chance to meet and interact with Jibo, our Social robot. Jibo sits on the corner of my desk and entertains children endlessly with his funny responses, engaging personality, and graceful wiggles and one-eyed blinks.

Back in late-2017, Jibo was featured on Time Magazines as one of the best inventions of 2017.   Alexa and Google Home have come a long way, Jibo still does a better job of engaging children.

So when you children are at camp, they have a great opportunity to experience firsthand artificial intelligence in action.  Robots like Jibo are the future…!

If you are curious about Jibo, click HERE

Immersion In New Technologies

Immersion in a variety of new technologies and robot platforms. From the moment your child walks into our Studio they will be exposed to a variety of smart devices and robot platform.  We have Alexa, Google Home, Hue Lights, WeMo Smart Plugs connected to Stinger lights, fans, and more.  In our camps, we also incorporate several other robot platforms into robot-themed games and challenges. We use Dash and Cue from Wonder Workshop, VEX IQ from Vex Robotics, and Sphero SPRK+.

So, through attending one of our camps your child builds experience with a variety of robot platforms and smart devices which in the end helps build increased confidence and skills with these new technologies.    It is also just so darn fun!!

Students completing a Block Challenge with VEX IQ

New Friendships & Social Skills

Make Friends & Develop Social Skills At Envision Robotics

New Friendships and social skills. Our PA Day, Summer, and March Break camps attract like-minded parents like yourselves which leads to most students returning to my camps on a regular basis.  This helps to foster ongoing friendships with kids looking forward to their next camp to play with their new friends.  My instructors, who are all 3rd year and up students in relevant college and university programs, are all coached on helping new students integrate into the group to get the most for them out of the experience.  Whether your child is a returning veteran or new guest, we ensure they have the best experience while they are here!

Robotics, Coding, & 3D Printing Are Not Just For Boys

Girls make up 50% of our camp enrollment. Robotics, coding, and 3D Printing are not just for boys and I am so excited and pleased that parents recognize the value of developing STEM skills for their daughters too. In fact, it is not uncommon in some of our classes for girls to out number the boys!

Girls Robotics coding, and 3D Printing


Envision Robotics Programs For Kids

Our Studio is conveniently located at 2300 John Street, #20, a strip plaza with ample parking for easy drop-off and pick-up.  While we are located in Thornhill we are part of the greater Markham area and are close to major arteries such as the 407, HWY 7, the HWY 404 and more.


Dollar for dollar we pack a lot into our camps for the price that we charge. Our tuition costs for programs are price competitive and our optional Lunch program ($5) and Extended Care ($10/day for 2 hrs) pricing is better than competitors. Included in our program cost, are two 2 healthy snack breaks per day consisting of fresh fruit, yogurt, and a nut-free bar. On cold days, we make hot-chocolate with marshmallows at the end of the day.

Kids Activities Value - STEM Camp

Trial Class

 Trial Classes - Envision Robotics

Trial Class. If you are still a little unsure if your child will enjoy robotics and coding why not book a Free Trial Class! We hold Trial Classes every Saturday from 10 – 11 am which is an excellent way for parents to expose their child to robotics and coding to ensure they will enjoy.  This also gives us a chance to get to know your child and ensure we place in the right program to match their abilities.  To register for one of our Trial Classes, click HERE

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