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3 06, 2019

Let Your Kids Choose their Destiny In STEM


Set your child up for success by exposing them to the exciting field of robotics. Read my personal article why I am continuing to build my skills and knowledge in the areas of robotics and coding to ensure my future remains bright, updated and I future-proof myself! Do you know nearly 45 percent

Let Your Kids Choose their Destiny In STEM2024-03-22T14:07:05+00:00
30 05, 2019

What is Arduino and Why Your Child Should Learn It?


What Is Arduino? I’m sure you and your child have heard of Arduino but don’t know what it is. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t. I am here to explain. Before we get into Arduino, it’s important to understand microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that are basically miniature computers. They can run simple software programs.

What is Arduino and Why Your Child Should Learn It?2019-05-30T20:43:07+00:00
15 05, 2019

Why You Should Get Your Child Involved With Drones


Drones are being used for an ever-growing range of purposes. In recent years, drones have taken up firefighting, aerial mapping, and even racing. Most recently, the first ever organ transport by a drone was successfully completed! The speed, convenience, and flexibility of these machines make them useful in a variety of ways. Getting your child involved with

Why You Should Get Your Child Involved With Drones2019-05-30T20:44:22+00:00
8 04, 2019

Increased focus on STEM in Ontario Schools and Classrooms


The Government’s Vision for ‘Education that Works for You’ Over the past few weeks you might have seen and read a number of new articles as Lisa Thompson, the Minister of Education, announced the Government’s Vision for ‘Education that Works for You’.    In Ontario, there will be an increased focus a a Back-to-Basics' Math Curriculum, stronger

Increased focus on STEM in Ontario Schools and Classrooms2019-04-09T15:30:05+00:00
28 02, 2019

What Is 3D Printing and Why Enroll My Child?


What is 3D Printing? In its simplest definition, 3D printing is the creation of a 3-dimensional solid object from a digital file. The process used to create the solid object is called additive technology. Just like it sounds, additive technology is the process of laying down successive layers of a material until the object is created.

What Is 3D Printing and Why Enroll My Child?2019-02-28T04:28:30+00:00
25 02, 2019

What is STEM and Why Is STEM Camp Important?


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math As a parent, I am sure that most of you have heard the term STEM mentioned in a recent conversation with your teacher or another parent.  The acronym STEM has actually been around since 2001 (yes 18 years!!) but awareness and usage has surged in recent years. STEM stands

What is STEM and Why Is STEM Camp Important?2019-02-25T16:32:49+00:00
8 02, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Workforce


Artificial Intelligence (or “AI”) = Changing Workforce & Increased Uncertainty AI is becoming more prevalent and will impact more jobs in the future, especially the ones our children will be in.  Invest today for a future full of endless possibilities. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t see some reference to Artificial Intelligence (AI) or robots

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Workforce2019-02-08T19:38:33+00:00
8 02, 2019

What is a Envision Robotics Camp Like?


Learn About Our Robotics Camps With weather like we are having these past 2 weeks we’re all anxious for Summer! We are actively planning our Summer STEM Camp program and will be releasing our schedule and program offerings in the next few weeks. At Envision Robotics, we focus on providing summer camps

What is a Envision Robotics Camp Like?2019-02-08T19:42:48+00:00
2 02, 2019

Envision March Break Camp 2019


Are you looking for a seriously unforgettable experience for your child this March Break? Look no further you have found the fastest growing STEM program provider in the Thornhill and Markham areas.  We have two fun filled enrichment camps this March to choose from. But first, here are 13 reasons why to enroll your child in

Envision March Break Camp 20192019-02-02T01:45:34+00:00
23 01, 2019

Robotics Industry News – Bugatti & CES


I came across some really interesting news that I thought I'd share.BugattiI am sure that many of you, like me, would love to own a Bugatti hypercar….but the price of one of these beauties is just a tad outside the snack-bracket!  While the Bugatti brand has been around since ~ 1909, it was revived between 1998-2000 when several

Robotics Industry News – Bugatti & CES2019-03-26T19:55:20+00:00
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