Curriculum Design & Teaching Philosophy

We follow a simple formula with our curriculum design and teaching approach

Our STEM-Based programs and classes bring together concepts typically taught as separate classes, and, emphasizes the application of knowledge to real-world challenges and problems. A typical class starts with a problem to solve, followed by hands-on experience either building or programming a robot to solve the challenge.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

  • Children often decide between the ages of 7-13 (formative years) if they will consider a career in a STEM field
  • Early exposure to STEM based programs may mean the difference between a high paid profession vs a mediocre income

Kids Enjoying Robotics Class

This helps them better relate to others, learning speed, etc.

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We focus on both the hard and soft skills. Hard skills are the skills related to programming, robotic concepts, etc. The softer skills, which are equally important and are foundational building blocks to lifelong success, include communication, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, etc.

Robotics for your child's skills development

Small To ensure each child gets the best support they need to learn and succeed we limit each class size to 6 students

Small robotics class sizes

We aim to make the environment interesting and fun as kids learn more when they are having fun. This starts in our lobby and extends into the classroom

Robotics for kids is fun

Our Core Values

Envision Robotics has 6 Core Values that we aim to embrace everyday when we coach and teach our students. We also ask out students to try to live these too when visiting us!

Meet “Be”, our Envison mascot. “Be”wants all of us to

  • Be Curious – try or learn something new, experiment, ask yourself why

  • Be Passionate – passion is the fuel that propels you to success

  • Be a Dreamer – dream big and envision a world of possibilities

  • Be Bold – have confidence in yourself and others; take big leaps

  • Be Collaborative – more brains are better than one, work together and exchange ideas to solve problems

  • Be Supportive – the best learning comes through trial and error and we want our students to view their attempts which don’t succeed as a learning opportunity and another data point in the path to success

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