Preparing kids for a future full of endless possibilities!

A solid foundation of new skills and abilities are needed to succeed in our rapidly changing World.  We provide enrichment programs for kids to help build this foundation.


Our Core Values

Envision Robotics has 6 Core Values that we aim to embrace everyday when we coach and teach our students. We also ask out students to try to live these too when visiting us!

Meet “Be”, our Envison mascot. “Be”wants all of us to

  • Be Curious – try or learn something new, experiment, ask yourself why

  • Be Passionate – passion is the fuel that propels you to success

  • Be a Dreamer – dream big and envision a world of possibilities

  • Be Bold – have confidence in yourself and others; take big leaps

  • Be Collaborative – more brains are better than one, work together and exchange ideas to solve problems

  • Be Supportive – the best learning comes through trial and error and we want our students to view their attempts which don’t succeed as a learning opportunity and another data point in the path to success

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