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We help kids develop 21st century skills to be better prepared for a future full of endless possibilities.

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Client Reviews


Both kids have attended classes in the last few weeks. Great, fun and clean location. John is great and we look forward to having him share his passion of robotics with the family!

Florence Wang

My kids simply came home beaming from the trial and begged to join the regular classes! Great fun and amazing learning all around.

Harsimran Kaur

Thank for an amazing week of camp for the boys. They thoroughly enjoyed your program and are very excited to come again soon. I’ve never had them say that they loved a specific camp before. Until now after going to Envision Robotics.

Lily Rapoz

We registered our 7 years old son into a STEM Camp at Envision Robotics and it was a great learning experience for him. Thanks John for your professionalism and informative material! Highly recommendable!  (May 27, 2020)

Elena Bocharova

The online classes are amazing and well designed, they have been keeping my son busy during these unpredictable times when school didnt know how to operate yet. My son is taught to logically solve problems. I believe the skills taught in class can actually be applied in the real world and in our future. He was taught to design a game himself on the computer. Classes led by John are capturing and interesting for my son to continue further and he is looking forward to every week. Thank you for such informative material. No class is the same, every time it is something new and exciting.  (April 28, 2020)

Kat Park

I enrolled my 12 y/o son into a game coding course at Envision Robotics and it was an amazing learning experience for him. John was great at delivering the content and keeping a young audience attracted and motivated during a full week. A valuable experience for kids avid of learning about technology. Highly recommendable.  (April 10th, 2020)

Roberto Belingueres

Envision Robotics Thornhill Mascot

My son first took the Video Game design course and loved it. After each class he would demonstrate the new game that he had created with pride and enthusiasm. I was so impressed with the course that I signed him up for another one. All week, he has been learning Python and again runs downstairs once class is finished and has me watch the new skill he mastered. John and his instructors are kind, patient and give simple, clear instructions. I’m going to sign my daughter for the next course and have recommended it to several friends. As an educator I see great value in children having confidence when using technology. April 2020

Jackie McGrath

Learning, problem solving in a fun format.

Darryl Viegas

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